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Educational resources and science-based materials on plant nutrients and agriculture are just the start. Now you can bring a Regional Manager to your school!

Regional Managers make a difference at your school, and in your community by:

  • Adapting, developing and maintaining Canadian based educational curriculum and other materials for the benefit of children and youth and making this educational material available to schools and other organizations
  • Carrying out or supporting research to benefit soil health and quality and making the results of such research available to the interested public
  • Acting as a resource centre of knowledge and current information regarding fertilizer use offering educational tools, on-line library materials, research reports and other educational materials for the benefit of the Canadian public, especially teachers, students and farmers.

Contact your local Regional Manager to host a teacher workshop, professional development seminar, or even to guest-lecture a lesson from Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century.

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Teacher Ambassadors

Meet our Educational Coordinators:

Kent Lewarne - Manitoba

Name: Kent Lewarne

Location: Manitoba

Quote:Regional Manager's are the link between teachers, students and the wealth of valuable soil science / nutrient resources that NFL has to offer.

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Ray Cochrane - Saskatchewan

Name: Ray Cochrane

Location: Lives in Manitoba, but takes care of Saskatchewan schools

Quote: NFL provides me with the opportunity to assist teachers and their students to gain an insight into the areas of agriculture and environment.

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Tamara Sealy - New Brunswick

Name: Tamara Sealy

Location: Atlantic Canada and Ontario

Quote: Coming from an agricultural background, I feel that the majority of the population do not understand how their foods are produced. Agriculture is exciting!

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