2017 Canada Wide Science Fair

University of Regina, Regina SK

May 14-20


Winners: Kamron Zaidi and Austin Wu


Project Title: A Comparative Analysis of Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and Fogponics on Plant Growth



Austin and Kamron are grade 10 students at Richmond Hill High School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. (York Region District School Board).


Project Description and Results:  They were approached by Mr. James Wengle (grade 9 science teacher who also runs a greenhouse club) to investigate soil less methods of growing food.  They compared the growth of 2 varieties of lettuce using hydroponics, fogponics (0.5 micron diameter or less water particles) and aeroponics.  They discovered that lettuce plants grown with fogponics was able to consume less resources (less water and fertilizer) compared to the other methods and the lettuce also grew better with the fogponics.   They determined the growth by measuring the length of the longest leaf every 6 days.  After the 42 day growing period they measured root length and dry biomass per plant.   May Queen lettuce using fogponics grew 1.43 times taller than those under the hydroponics system.  Romaine lettuce grew 1.15 times taller.  Under fogponics it was noted that there was 1.26 times more biomass than hydroponics per square metre and 1.64 times longer roots.  Under the fogponics growing system, 1.73 times less water was used and 2.10 times less fertilizer compared to hydroponics.  This research could be beneficial in areas of Canada such as the North where growing food indoors can help produce fresh produce that does not need to be transported over long distances which can help save on Greenhouse gas emissions and provide a more cost effective source of fresh produce.



Both boys are planning for higher education, but it’s a bit early on what area of study  they may pursue.

 NFL Award Winners at Canada Wide Science Fair 2017

Great job Kamron and Austin!