Regional Manager Ray Cochrane has been working with Churchbridge Public School in Saskatchewan over the past 2 years.  Churchbridge Public School received an NFL learning garden grant in 2016 and has been working with Sharp's Soil Services and Sorgard Seeds,  check out Ray's Summary

Sharpe’s Learn AG Field Day at Churchbridge Public School

Saskatchewan’s Churchbridge Public School has been extremely fortunate to partner up with Sharpe’s Soil Services and Sorgard Seeds in being able to participate in Sharpe’s Learn AG initiative.

Candace Mitschke-Hiller, Communications Manager of Sharpe’s Soil Services, provides the following background information: “This program was developed by Sharpe’s Soil Services to provide students with live field demonstrations and hands-on agriculture learning opportunities throughout our local communities. The Crop for Community initiative combines with the learning aspect when a local producer steps forward to donate land, labour and proceeds from the crop towards a community project. This was the second year Sharpe’s has worked with Sorgard Seeds and the Churchbridge Public School organizing agriculture education events and providing crop inputs”. Sorgard Seeds has made a huge commitment by providing financial contributions from 40 acres of wheat last year and 40 acres of canola this year.


As Amanda Kornaga, Churchbridge Public School Principal, stated “Without people like Candace I question whether or not our school's crop for community would even be in existence. Candace at Sharpe’s Soil Services is the one who established the Learn AG programming in our area, and through that, they do amazing things for many schools in this area”.

Learn AG is a Sharpe’s Soil Services Ltd initiative but is truly a team effort between the “Partners in Learning” including various local ag producers, teachers, volunteers, local rural municipalities and agri-business industry. 

Nutrients for Life is proud to have been part of this event for the last two years by having a Learning Station for the students to participate in. We would like to congratulate Churchbridge Public School, Sharpe’s Soil Services, Sorgard Seeds and all other involved players in promoting agricultural education with a very unique and valuable program!