Frequently Asked Questions 

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Educational Coordinators

What are educational coordinators?

  • Educational coordinators are dedicated individuals who educate students through an interactive curriculum which addresses the role plant nutrients play in sustainable modern agricultural practices.
  • Educational coordinators adapt, develop, and maintain Canadian-based educational curriculum and other materials for the benefit of children and youth.

How do I contact an educational coordinator to request a school visit?

  • To contact one of our educational coordinators, visit their profiles here.




What is the different between a school garden and a learning garden?

  • School gardens tend to be smaller in size with less students working on them and receive a $500 grant. Learning gardens tend to be larger and can involve many more students, even whole communities, and receive $3,000.

How do we apply for a school garden or learning garden grant?

  • Visit our learning garden page here to apply for a grant based on your region.




What grade levels do you provide resources for? 

  • Currently, we provide resources for high school students in both official languages and resources for middle school students in English. We are currently working on expanding to elementary school.

How long will it take to receive the resources I ordered online?

  • The foundation recognizes the need to send resources out quickly but appreciate patience as it may take up to four weeks to ship an order.

How much do your resources cost?

  • All of our resources are completely free.




What is Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada?

  • Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charitable organization committed to bringing educational materials to the classroom, focusing on soil science and agricultural sustainability. Together, educators, community groups, scientists, and representatives from the agricultural sector produce and distribute educational materials to meet Canada’s school curriculum needs with science-based content of the highest quality. Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada supports the sustainable use of nutrients to increase the health and quality of our soil, improve production of nutritious food, and preserve green spaces.

Can you deliver professional development for staff or teachers? 

  • Our educational coordinators are trained to deliver professional development services. You can contact them here to find out more.

How are you funded?

  • Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada is funded primarily by the Canadian agriculture industry. View the full list of funders here.