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2016 Annual Report - 23 August 2016
Discover the Foundation's 2016 Annual Report.

A Word From Staff: June Edition - 05 July 2016
As summer approaches and classes take a break, Educational Coordinators worked to ensure schools understood how to maintain their gardens throughout July and August.

June Teacher Highlight - 05 July 2016
Discover how Jennifer Carhart, Principal of Princess Elizabeth School, is helping her students discover food production.

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Upcoming Events

Aug 16

Nutrients for Life Foundation 9th Annual Golf Tournament
- 16 August 2016
Discover Nutrient for Life's annual golf tournament, to be held at Le Maître in Mont Tremblant.

Aug 25

EECOM 2016
- 25 August 2016
EECOM 2016 presentations will focus on First Peoples, peace and social justice, hands-on learning, youth engagement, research, and holistic education learning outcomes.

Oct 14

Sciematics 2016
- 14 October 2016
Sciematics is a provincial conference for Science and Mathematics teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12, hosted by the Saskatchewan Science Teachers┬┤ Society.

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What's the nutrient story in your community: GRO1000 Edition - 05 July 2016
As the official education partner of the Scotts Canada GRO1000 program, Nutrients for Life provides

The importance of teaching food production in classrooms - 10 June 2016
We receive a lot of questions about the importance of teaching food production in classrooms.

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